Hyundai iPad Application

Integrated Auto

Integrated Automotive Group is a leading provider of marketing services to the automotive industry

The Challenge

When Integrated Auto and their client, Hyundai, came to us, they needed a fully dynamic and robust iPad application for their auto shows nationwide. They required a solution that would allow them to display extensive information for over 20 vehicles. Each iPad would be mounted beside a corresponding vehicle and show only that vehicles information. Additionally, they required analytics to be tracked as well as capturing client data.

The Solution

To accommodate the client, we created one application that would dynamically load the information for a selected vehicle. We provided a solution that allowed the client to create vehicle profiles and upload all the necessary information associated with that vehicle.

At the auto shows, Hyundai employees were given login information for the application and then could select and load the information for the vehicle of their choice. All analytics and captured data was sent wirelessly to Unikron servers for analysis.

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